Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween is more than just one day around here. The festivities start weeks in advance.

Our first event was Trunk or Treating at Matthew's school. The boys wanted to be Thor for this (Super Hero Squad Thor and Avengers Thor for the record).
The school event was pretty cute - crafts, games, and of course treats.
The boys chose to be Thor again for a local farm event, complete with hayride.
Then it was off to grandma's house for the annual cookie fest - making, baking, and eating.
We carved our pumpkins a few nights before the big day.
The 31st brought on two school parades (Spiderman for both on the big day).
Even the pups got in on the fun, starring Hawkeye as Buzz Lightyear.
It's as if Sophie is saying "Good grief!"
We trick or treated until it was dark, then went home to sort through our loot.
All in all, a very successful Halloween - now on to turkey day!