Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fireman's Fair

We made it to the Fireman's Fair today. After the awful heat and humidity we've been having here in NY, I was doubtful that we would be able to go. But a storm came through last night that took away the humidity - it left the hot, but it was bearable for the short time we were out.

As soon as we walked onto the fair grounds Matthew headed for his favorite game - the "pick the ducks with the numbers and pick a prize" game.
He walked away with an inflatable hammer. Just what he was looking for! :-p
I was glad to be able to take Noah on a few of the more tame kiddie rides, like the train. I look like I have 4 chins and Noah looks like a floating head, but this is the best shot I could get with my reverse camera on my iPhone.
Matthew took a lot of solo rides.
Which Noah was okay with - gave him a chance to bond with the big hammer.
We had to have a giant cup of ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. It's the law.
Well, not so much a real law, but it is Noah's law.
After the ice cream break it was back to the rides.
And of course, more games.
The boys needed a little help with the basketball game.
Cheating was encouraged and facilitated by the staff.
Matthew loves the thrill of winning. And for some reason he loves loves loves these little stuffed fair prizes. He is currently snuggling with this crayon in his bed.
Noah has started taking a liking to them too. Although he has no interest in snuggling with them - he has more of the "use them as weapons" mentality. Seriously, don't let this cute face fool you.
We ended the day with a ride on the ferris wheel with Pop Pop and some Zeppolis. 
Tonight in the bath Matthew told me he had a good day. That he had fun at the fair. He then listed all the little stuffed animals that he won and the rides he went on. It was beyond cute. Then Noah smacked him with the hair washing bucket and bath time was over. And that's how the day usually ends here!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Finds

We only hit up 3 tag sales this morning, but the finds were good! For a total of $14 we took home:

TMNT Wii game. Matthew thinks this is the best thing ever. He played a round with Matt tonight and even though he had no idea what he was doing, he had a blast.
Fisher Price Family Farm. All the pieces were there and it is in mint condition. It's not an antique - it's circa 2008, so Noah is allowed to throw/chew/droll on it as he sees fit.
Star Wars lunch box. I have 10,000 purses. Matthew is working on 10,000 lunch boxes. I guess I passed on that gene.
Lots of "little guys" - super heroes, random Star Wars figures, and one TMNT.
Diego's Rescue Submarine. Complete with Diego and an octopus. It's currently selling on Amazon for $47. Insane! 
Random Super Hero action toys. All these guys talk/light up/have buttons to push.
This Elmo phone. It lets you record and playback an answering machine message. Loud and obnoxious, but totally cute.
Barring any more massive storms tomorrow morning, me and the boys will hit up a few more sales in the AM - because, you know, we need more toys! :-p

Thursday, June 14, 2012

School Days

Matthew's1st day of school - back in January. He looks so little/young, no?
Matthew's last day of school - today. He looks so much bigger/older (at least I think so!).
Grandpa just came to pick him up and take him to school today. He was uber excited to give his teachers their end-of-year present.
Now comes summer vacation!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

You MUST MUST MUST go see Madagascar 3!

We went to see Madagascar 3 today. It was even better than I thought it would be - hysterical, fun, good story line. And, one particularly catchy song...

You're welcome. :-)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Constant Action

Matthew had his first school friend's birthday party on Saturday. It was at a place called My Gym (sort of a Gymboree knock-off). It was 2 hours of non-stop action (hence the blurry photos).

There was a slide that dropped kids into a ball pit.
Some structured exercise time.
Then it was time for "run through these padded blocks that we're throwing at you" (not very smallest-kid-in-the-class friendly, but Matthew thought it was hysterical).
The trampoline got quite a workout.
And all the kids went crazy for the bubbles.
Here's Matthew showing off his monkey skills.
There was the kid-favorite lunch of pizza and juice boxes.
And Spiderman cake for dessert.
And to end the party, every kid got a ride on the zip line.
The good thing about a party like this - leads to a nice long nap time!