Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Funday

As per our usual,we spent Saturday morning perusing the newspaper ads for deals to hit, places to go, things to do.
We decided to take a trip to Danbury to hit up a few favorites. First stop Christmas Tree Shoppe. The only place on the planet you will find a blue crab hat. And a MUST HAVE blue crab hat at that.
Then it was off to the mall for Noah's first ever carousel ride.
All signs pointed to "he liked it"
Of course he may have been influenced by his brother's love for the horses.
The boys spent a few minutes after their ride in the little play area outside the food court. Noah introduced himself to himself.
Then it was off to Build A Bear where you can now make an Avenger Bear (or cat, or dog, or whatever).
Matthew insisted on finding the rides that he knows are tucked away on the bottom floor. 
Noah was glad to tag along.
The boys were tuckered out from all the day's excitement and both took a little snooze on the way home. 
Which gave them lots of energy for some water play (did I mention how HOT it's been in New York lately?)
The boys played so nicely together.
Gives me hope for their future friendship.
And the greatest part of today - is that we get a bonus day tomorrow, so we can do it all over again!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Cuts

When we give the boys crew cuts, it's officially summer!

Now they're ready for the hot long days of summer in New York. Or military school, depending on their behavior. Either way, we're covered.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Self Portraits

Okay, we still stink at them, but we're having fun!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Finds

Matthew and I enjoyed some Friday tag sale-ing while Noah slept at grandma's this morning. The Friday finds were pretty good - not sure this stuff would have been there tomorrow! Guess that's the advantage of being home on a weekday. ;-)

First find - the Cars train (which we already have), but this one came with a bunch of miniature cars that we don't have, so we couldn't pass it up. For $1, it was a steal.
Another great find - Siddeley the Spy Jet. This opens up and fits all those little cars inside. For $1, this was another great deal.
We took our chances at one of the tag sales for 2 large Ziploc bags filled with figures - when we got home and opened them up, we found quite a lot of treasures. Characters from Rio, Shrek, Transformers, little animals, and these super hero fan favorites. We spent $6 on 2 filled-to-the-brim bags.
This game was new - only $1. Matthew loves these memory games and they're pretty pricey at the stores.
And last, but certainly not least - the steal of the century. A Spider Man bike for - wait for it - TWO DOLLARS! Matthew is a little young for it just yet, but it'll be waiting for him when he's ready.
Anyone else score anything good in this young tag sale season?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

This is the only picture I was able to get from Matthew's acting debut yesterday. 30 seconds after he saw me, Matt and grandpa sitting there, he melted down. His teacher took him to a quiet room with another little boy who also melted down. His teacher tried to make us feel better - told us that for his first ever little play, he actually did pretty good. That most of the kids don't even get as far as he did their first time (Matthew started mid-year, so the other kids in his group had already experienced being in 2 other plays earlier in the year). There were lots of tears. Broke our hearts. But once we got home, he was fine. Told us he would do the play next time. Not a fun memory, but apparently a common one with parents!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Night Random

Noah is fascinated by our recycling. He's constantly pulling out cardboard and plastic from our bins. No idea why.
The boys are playing together more. And not in the "Noah is just there and Matthew allows him to exist in his personal space" kind of way. They are interacting. They are having fun together.
Noah has a new girlfriend.
Matthew has discovered Optimum TV on the iPad.
Noah looks like a little tough guy in short sleeves. Seriously, like he's ready to rumble at any time.

Matthew fell at school and scraped his nose. He has told everyone and anyone who would listen about it. Including family, friends, cashiers and other random strangers.
This picture has no story - it's just cute.
We scored this garage at a tag sale on Saturday. The guy hosting the tag sale thought the boys were just so cute that he gave this to us. It's a new fan favorite.
This morning we took a trip to Urgent Care to get us all checked out. We've been "yucky" for about 2 weeks now. Turns out Matt needs antibiotics for his sinuses, and Matthew needs drops for his conjunctivitis. I just need some Sudafed, and Noah got a clean bill of health. This is Matthew's dramatic interpretation of what to do when you're at the docs office.
Once we all got some meds in us and started to feel like we were on the upswing, we ventured out to Target for some retail therapy. We picked up two new friends.
On the calendar this week is Matthew's first ever school play. The Lorax. He's been singing the little songs for weeks now. Expect a video.

Happy Sunday!