Friday, January 10, 2014

After Christmas stuff

It's10 days into the new year and I **think** we're kinda sorta back to normal. We had a heck of a Christmas vacation though.
Caught up with Santa on his annual candy cane run again this year.
Hosted 30 people for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner party.
Santa came and he did not disappoint.
He brought just about everything on their lists.
I heard no complaints from this motley crew.
After Christmas at home, the celebration continued with Christmas #2 at grandma's house. Santa stopped there as well.
Then it was off to MD for Christmas #3 with granddad and nana.
The boys were excited to get in and find out if Santa had been there too.
He had. And we spent 3 days keeping Christmas alive.
Then it was back home and back to work for Matt. But not before making sure to play with every single toy Santa brought.
Now we're riding out the polar vortex by watching a lot of movies, playing with toys, making crafts...
...and of course, school.
Back to the same routines, just a new year. And that's okay.
I know I'm late, but Happy New Year everybody!! Hope you're all "back to normal" too.