Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Party Train

We had Matthew's "friends party" at school last Saturday. They offer an hour and a half of non-stop fun for the kiddos, and bonus, I didn't have to entertain 16 4/5 year olds at my house!

Our party hostess Marsha made this custom poster for Matthew (based on his invitation). We framed it and are going to hang it in our playroom, it is that awesome!
She also made Matthew a crown, and quickly made one for Noah when he insisted he have one too.
Noah entertained himself before the guests arrived - dancing to his favorite Disney tunes.
The party was non-stop action - starting with scooter races.
Then a craft - painting their own light sabers.
Matthew chose only to use blue paint since that is the color the good guys use.
There was a spirited game of musical chairs.
And a pretty intense limbo competition.
When it came time for dessert Matthew mixed up a special batch of blue icing.
And all the kiddos got to ice their own cupcakes.
It was the hit of the party!
To wrap things up, there was the parachute game that ended with Matthew (and Noah of course) in the middle.
And that's the last stop on the Matthew Turns 5 Party Train!