Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Friends

My parents and sister have two new housemates. Hawkeye and Sophie. Peekapoo puppies. Cutest little things you ever did see.
The boys love them. Matthew is training them to run like maniacs. Noah has his moments of fear when they get too close, but he'll come over and pet them when they're calm and in someone's lap.

At the end of the day these two pass out like Matthew and Noah do.
Matthew now asks me every day when we can get puppies at our house. I told him we have a puppy - Noah! He wants the real thing. So we made a deal - when he's in first grade and can build us a fence, he can get a puppy. He's already making plans and coming up with names. I'm in trouble if he remembers!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tuesday Night Ramblings

There has been a nice break in the weather lately. No more scorching hot summer days. They've been quite comfortable. Warm, sunny, enjoyable.

The tag sale season here in town is still pretty busy. We've been able to find many little treasures. 

We saw Planes last weekend. It didn't disappoint. Both boys now run around with their arms open pretending to be Dusty.
We finally got around to haircuts. I love how summer buzz cuts look on these boys.
We picked up some mini golf sets on clearance at Target and have been having some backyard fun. I'm happy to report that no one has gotten hurt yet, even with all the wild and random swinging.
Not much else to report. I'll be back next week with some Lake George pics. We can't wait to get up north!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Winding Down

From what I'm seeing on Facebook and Twitter, most schools in this country are back in session, or just about to be. Here in NY we don't go back until after Labor Day, so we have a few more weeks of this summer left to go. But, being August already, we're kinda winding down a little.

The boys have been busy playing with all the tag sale treasures we've found this summer. Including this vintage Fisher Price tree house play house. With all the original pieces. This stuff even smells like the 70s!
Matthew had his first bike riding lesson last week. More to come on that.
Noah has been busy with his Bob the Builder laptop. He takes it very seriously and will yell at you if you try to talk to him while he's "working".
Matthew's big thrill this summer was having me take pictures of him and then scrolling through them on my phone. I have no idea what's so fascinating about that, but it sure does make him happy.
Other than that, we've been pretty "boring" lately. But that's okay. I'm sure we'll have some more exciting days ahead.
Until then, we'll soak up these last days of summer with some outdoor play, a BBQ or two, and our annual trip to Lake George.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Nothing fancy, just some pictures from the week that's been

***Edit*** I just realized I posted this on Thursday. I don't know where I lost a day, but I would have sworn today was Wednesday.  Oh well, means tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is around the corner, so woohoo!