Saturday, July 30, 2011


That was our total today. We scored some pretty neat vintage toys this trip.

The first one is a Sesame Street Farm set. We paid $5. It's listed on a few collectible sites for $25 and up.
We're missing a few pieces (from what I can tell on the collectible sites) but we have just enough to make Ish happy.
At that same sale, we paid $2 for a pack of trucks (which included a Mater) and $2 for a bag of magnetic Dora cars. Not vintage by any means, but Ish loves anything with wheels.
The real vintage score of the weekend is this Fisher Price Children's Hospital (circa 1976). It's listed online for $40 and up depending on the condition. We paid $2.50.
It's in great condition considering it's from 76 and has been played with.
We're missing a few pieces, but what we have is pretty neat.
And it looks like we have all the original people that came with the set.
Nothing for mommy or daddy on this outing, but I'm really enjoying watching Matthew play with these "old" toys like they're brand new!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday's Score

In case you don't know - it's hot out. And I mean H-O-T. Not really a day to gallivant outdoors. But at least one day every weekend we like to get out of the house for getting-out-of-the-house sake, so we left early and hit up a few tag sales before the temp went above 90 (mind you, it was 84 when we left the house at 9AM!).

The big score of the day is this Thomas racing track. In a word - A-W-E-S-O-M-E.
It's small, it's self-propelled (and dare I say, a little "old school") and it's Ish's new favorite.
He has spent hours today already releasing the trains and rooting for Thomas to win.
Best $5 we ever spent.
Our second score was this wooden fire house.
It opens up to become a "doll house" of sorts (the masculine kind!). Only $3. Quite a steal.
We picked up this Thomas matching game for $2. It's brand new. Matthew loves matching games lately.
We also picked up this huge exercise ball. Matthew doesn't know it's an exercise ball - he just knows it's lightweight and easy to pick up and throw. For 75 cents, we couldn't say no. He'll have fun with this once it's cool enough to play outside again.
Matt scored a deal today too - a tall wooden ladder for only $10. Apparently those things go for about $100 at Home Depot - so he couldn't pass it up.

Funny, there's never anything for mommy! ;-)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Catch & Release

It was 88 in the shade yesterday. Hot. And humid.
So we started our day at the mall so that Matt could get his haircut.
Everyday I'm thankful for the dollar store for these little distractions.
Noah doesn't really need any more distraction than the constant movement of the Sit & Stand.
When we got home I promised Ish we could play "the fishy game" outside.
It's just an old school rod and magnet with little magnetic fishes to catch that I found on E-Bay.
Ish thinks it's the best invention in the world. Oh, and that's a visitor's badge on his shirt from the veteran's home where we visited Uncle Dickie earlier. They have a HUGE fish tank there - which really put Ish in the mood for some backyard fishing.
It was so hot (even in the shade) that at one point Ish sat next to me on the storage bench to continue his fun.
Ish is not one to sit down willingly - that should tell you just how hot it was.
And even though the skies were clear and the air was hot and the forecast calls for a scorching week ahead...
...we know winter will be here before we know it! And we're prepared. Well, our fireplace is prepared anyway.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tummy Time Troubles

Hey mom, look at me! I'm a Tummy Time pro!!
I can look this way...
...and that way!
Oh, I'm feeling a little unsteady...uh oh!
Oh no, you did NOT just take a picture of that - did you??!! I'm calling grandma!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday's Score

We hit up a few sales today after a family trip to the chiropractor. It's hot out and I guess a lot of people are on vacation because there weren't many tag sales today - but we were still able to score some good deals!

Score one for Ish is this little Playmobile Pirate set. Matthew is very into pirates right now (due to Jake and his pals on Disney). This retails for about $12 - we got it for $1! I think it'll be a nice take and go piece.
This was our biggest score of the day - a brand new, in the box Little Einsteins Transform and Go Rocket. This is pretty neat - you program the rocket to go in any which way you want (forward, backward, in a circle, figure 8, etc). Very cool - Matthew loves it. We paid $8 - I could not find this any cheaper than $49 on the net.
We picked up these Matchbox tracks for $5 - the starter sets of these tracks are in the $20-30 range, so this bag full was a good deal. Matthew loves to build tracks lately for his trains and cars, so he'll have fun with these.
Matthew is also very into Veggie Tales lately. Not sure how that started, but they're bible-based stories so I'm glad he likes them. These puzzles were $1 a piece.
That same tag sale also had Veggie Tale dvds for $2 a piece - we picked up 4 (Matthew took one with him to watch before I snapped my pictures!).
Matthew saw these and had to have them - he has no idea how to play the game, he just thinks they're blocks to play with. For $1, we humored him.
Matt also scored at the sales today - he got a bunch of tool stuff. I have no idea what all this is, but Matt knows his prices and he was quite happy with his haul too!

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Big Boy Room

While Ish was at Camp Grandma & Grandpa for a few days, Matt and I transformed his "baby" room to a real big boy room.

Welcome to Ish's world!
We bought Matthew's furniture from Ikea last weekend and Matt spent many hours putting it together. The footprint is the same as his nursery furniture but there is so much more storage. Half of these drawers are empty!!
We went a little crazy with the wall decals - but you have no idea how happy they make Matthew.
Especially "the biggest Buzz Lightyear EVER!" that also glows in the dark.
As for toy storage - I re-purposed some of the Ikea storage bins he had in the room already and we have 2 sets of actual toy bins. He doesn't have a lot of toys in his room right now, but as he gets older and more independent, I'm sure he'll transfer some things up there.
My parents bought him this little Cars art desk from The Christmas Tree Shop (Matthew's favorite store!).
When we showed him his new room for the first time he didn't know where to look/go to first. He gets so excited every night to point out all the characters on his walls. And he's so proud to be in his big boy bed in his big boy room.

As for the nursery for Noah...let's just say it's a work in progress!!