Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Too hot to blog.

It's been really hot here in NY this past week. Really really hot. Steamy hot humid jungle in August hot. And along with the hot have come some pretty intense storms. So we've been stuck inside most days. Venturing out only for short trips for necessities. Otherwise, we've been soaking up the air conditioning at home.

We've been watching a lot of movies in the afternoons. Cozy under blankets (because the house at 78 feels cold compared to what its been like out).
We've also discovered the multiple uses for our blankets. Capes as one of them, of course.
And for fort building. The new thrill in their life. 10 minutes after we finish breakfast they ask me to build a fort.
We braved the heat and humidity last night for a cold treat after our chiro appointment. Frozen custard with M&Ms. Worth the sweat.
Matthew didn't like his, can you tell? He's only sucking every last drop out of this cup!
We're in for at least a few more days of sweltering heat and storms. I don't see a break in the seven day forecast on the news. Summer in NY - you just never know what you're gonna get! Check please!

Friday, June 21, 2013

And so it begins...

Even though today is the first official day of summer, we've been enjoying a lot of summer activities since school let out last week. Activities like outdoor Playdoh (in my opinion, the best kind of Playdoh).
We've had some really oppressively hot days that have kept us indoors - which we don't mind. We enjoy our movie days.
Me and the boys ventured out to a new frozen yogurt shop the other day. They insisted on chocolate with chocolate sprinkles, white chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, and cocoa krispies. I didn't care for the combo, but they sure enjoyed it.
We've started having tea parties with our new Star Wars cups. 
They both think this is the most fun thing ever - water in cups over a dish towel, cheap entertainment.
We still have our usual errands to run, summer or no summer, but now we take our time when we're out and every once in a while we'll stop for lunch at some of our favorite spots.
The days are certainly packed with fun lately, and now that the sun sets later, so do the boys. A little extra play time after dinner is a summer perk for these two.

Happy 1st day of summer! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Moving Up Day

Monday was Matthew's Moving Up Day at school. Some singing, some dancing, then snacks. Matthew was fantastic. He sang at the top of his lungs.
It was hot and muggy, and a little rainy, but the party went on as planned and all the little kiddos had a blast. I asked Matthew if we could take a nice picture together and the only way he would agree is if he could do Spider Man hands. I take what I can get.
We gave his teachers their end of year gift, Starbucks gift cards and some ready brew. Matthew was so excited to give these to them - and they were so glad to get them!
I didn't take a lot of pictures this time around, but I did get some good video of their opening number.

And with that,we move on. Tomorrow is a little school picnic in the morning, then it's summer vacation. See you in September!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Almost there...

T minus one week until school is out for summer. I can't wait! It will make for easier lazier days around here. Not that they aren't easy and lazy now - but it'll be nice to not have to juggle around the school schedule. In the meantime, we're taking it one day at a time.

Noah continues to search out the sunniest spots in the house to lounge.
The boys have been having a blast with the Cars garage we scored at a tag sale last week.
Noah has discovered his love for a new snack - Smart Puffs. The cast of Monsters University was on the bag, so we just had to buy it!
Sometimes Matthew joins Noah in the sunshine.
And on really lazy days we break out the Cars couch/bed and watch movies until daddy comes home.
Monday is Matthew's little recital/graduation ceremony. Friday is the last day of school class picnic. Then it's all about some summer fun until fall rolls around again!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Rambling

It's been hot here this week. Like August hot. Not great weather for a lot of outdoor fun. So we've been making the best of it at home most days.

Matthew has been going through all his books. Picking out his favorites and "reading" them over and over.
Wagon rides in the house are now an approved activity.
We hit up a few tag sales today before we melted in the sun - picked up this Dora Duplo set for $2.
Matthew revels in the littlest treasures he seems to find at these tag sales - today's find, 12,000 Squinkies. And a pink gumball-style machine for them. He said to me "I can play with this mommy, it's okay for boys to play with girl toys. Just like girls can play with boy toys." Can't argue with that! 
We also scored this new-in-the-box Cars Piston Cup Garage. $10. Worth every penny.
And my favorite find of the day - this Little Tikes water/sand table. In great condition. Only $5. And perfect relief for today's extreme heat.
We're supposed to get some thunderstorms tomorrow which are supposed to bring us some relief from this heat. I can't wait - I'm not ready for summer yet!