Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween is more than just one day around here. The festivities start weeks in advance.

Our first event was Trunk or Treating at Matthew's school. The boys wanted to be Thor for this (Super Hero Squad Thor and Avengers Thor for the record).
The school event was pretty cute - crafts, games, and of course treats.
The boys chose to be Thor again for a local farm event, complete with hayride.
Then it was off to grandma's house for the annual cookie fest - making, baking, and eating.
We carved our pumpkins a few nights before the big day.
The 31st brought on two school parades (Spiderman for both on the big day).
Even the pups got in on the fun, starring Hawkeye as Buzz Lightyear.
It's as if Sophie is saying "Good grief!"
We trick or treated until it was dark, then went home to sort through our loot.
All in all, a very successful Halloween - now on to turkey day!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to School

Yesterday was Matthew's first day of kindergarten. A half day, but long enough to get him acquainted with his teachers and classmates, and his bus.
Noah was just as excited for Matthew.

After the bus pulled away, Noah sulked and cried. He wanted to be with his brother.
I got him calmed down and back inside by bribing him with gummy bears and a TMNT movie.
He was excited to get back out to wait for Matthew to get off the bus.
And then we celebrated a successful first day with some FroYo.
And some block building.
Today Matthew goes in for his first full day. Here's hoping it goes as well as yesterday did!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lake George 2014

No summer is complete without our annual trip to Lake George. We picked a great week to go - the weather was fantastic. And we wasted no time taking in the sites.
Cool crisp lake air makes for good sleeping.
The afternoons were just warm enough to get in some pool time.
Matthew is getting to be quite a strong swimmer.
Adirondack chairs are just different when you're actually in the Adirondacks.
We had to take a picture with the bear at our hotel.
And I had to get in some pictures with the bear too. You know, Noah Bear.
One of the perks of the place we stay is that there's a playground out back. A great way to get out some early morning energy.
We spent a day at Great Escape where we hit up every ride the boys were big enough to go on.
And some rides we went on over and over and over and over again.
We added to our stuffed animal (and crazy hat) collection.
And by the end of the day, this happened.
We spent some time in Bolton Landing on this trip and found some cute shops and a farmer's market.
We made it out to the horse rides on this trip. Still at the pony stage for both boys.
But I think Matthew will be ready for a full-size horse next year.
Of course we had to get in a picture with Batman on the strip.
And dinner at the Moose Tooth Grill.
On our last day our hotel put up a new bear - so we had to document the occasion with a picture.
And literally minutes before we got in the car to drive home, we had one more cup of ice cream.

Now we're home. Enjoying some of our favorite souvenirs from the trip (does it get better than a Bat Moose shirt??!!).
Now we wait for next year!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pennsylvania 2014

We only stayed 3 days in PA this year, but we were able to jam-pack everything we wanted to do into that time - including some relaxing meals.
Swimming was mandatory for these bananas.
We hit up Hershey Park on day 2 and found out it was "Christmas in July" week - made for some good photo opps.
Santa was there. I imagine all the Santa's in Florida dress like this in December.
All the characters were decked out in their holiday best.
Even the rides were decorated.
The boys had a blast - going on every ride that they were allowed on.
And they played a ton of games too.
A day at the park isn't complete without meeting the kiss.
Even cranky Noah cracked a smile.
We went to Kitchen Kettle Village the morning we were slated to leave. Have to get this pic every year!
The boys got a pony ride.
Here's Noah smiling again.
And when we got home we all collapsed from exhaustion. Noah decided to unpack right in the doorway of his room.
Up next - Lake George!