Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bunny Town

The bunny arrived at our local mall yesterday. We got there at 10am, as that's when the bunny was supposed to be there, but I guess he had some pressing egg or basket business to attend to, so we were left waiting for a bit. Luckily the bunny house was located conveniently next to a Game Stop - the ads alone kept the boys occupied for a bit.
When they got board of the video game posters, they decided to pretend it was a lovely spring day and just warm enough to hang out on the grass and smell the large, fake flowers.
When the bunny finally arrived (I think he had to iron his 1970s bow tie), the boys were in a great mood to pose for pictures.
As they waited for me to check out, they spent their time wisely - listing all the things they want to see in their baskets on the big day.
And that's how we start the Easter season here!

Monday, March 24, 2014

At least we have more sun...

New York is confused. It can't figure out whether it wants to flip to spring or hang on to winter. We've had 55 degree days followed by 32 degree days. We've been in short sleeves and winter jackets in the span of hours. I can't wait for a string of days of consistently warmer weather. But at least we have more sun during the daytime hours now. Makes it a little easier.

We went for spring haircuts on one of the warmer days. One step closer to summer crew cuts.
Short sleeves during this trip to the mall.
Spring jackets at the Book Blast event last Saturday.
Spring crafts are in progress.
It's been easier to get out of the house on the warmer days. Easier to have a nice lunch out with the beasts.
And me and Noah are enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun at Starbucks on Monday afternoons.
We're ready when you are spring! Come get us!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Life by Instagram

Nothing much to report. Just been hanging out lately waiting for winter to end.

We've drawn in boxes.
Watched three seasons of Phineas & Ferb on Netflix.
Ventured out to a local kids museum.
Made it to a few soccer practices/coffee dates.
And we've eaten all the snacks. And the dips.
We've had a few days where we were given a taste of spring, but it's all being taken away again with some winter "stuff" happening mid-week.

Go away winter!!! It's been fun, but please make way for spring!