Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We lost power over the weekend with a freak October snowstorm, but Halloween must go on!!

Matthew is uber-excited to be Jake (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates) and we have a cute little bee costume for Noah. Pics to come! In the meantime, enjoy some Fozzie goodness:

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shutterfly Winners!

Congratulations to Ash, Heather and Brooke on each winning 25 holiday cards from Shutterfly!

And thanks to everyone for entering!

To check out Shutterfly's latest promos - click here.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birthday Fun

Tomorrow my Alex turns 9 years old. Today, we partied.

Matthew LOVES going over to my brother's house because all his girls are there.
Noah is becoming a fan of the girls too.
Matthew was so excited to see his bestest friend ever in the whole wide world.
We managed to wrangle all the shorties for some cute pictures outside.
And Noah got to partake in his first swing experience. He approves.
Matthew is an old pro at swinging. He showed Noah how it's done.
Noah couldn't hang for too long.
I had to post this picture because I don't think I have one single picture of either of my boys sleeping on pink sheets.
There was cake.
And then there was a wardrobe change - part 2 of the party. Matthew was Batman.
I don't know why he thinks Batman goes around scaring people, but he does.
And Alex played along.
Can you see the love in Ish's eyes?!
Later in the day we all caravaned to a local park to continue the Halloween-themed fun at a fall fair.
Matthew had a blast on the bounce houses.
Super Ish.
Even though he was so focused on hanging out with the girls and having fun, he did let me get a few cute posed photos.
Can you tell this was Matthew's first time getting his face painted? He was happy with the results though.
Newsflash: Matthew is getting better at eating lollipops. MUCH less drool.
And just because you'll never see this headline: Batman Plays Plinko.
HAPPY NINTH BIRTHDAY ALEXANDRA!!! We love you very much!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


One of the local nursery schools had a rummage sale today. Since we had no other plans for the day outside the house, we piled in the car this morning and went to check it out just for the sake of getting out for a bit. And I'm glad we did. If we didn't - I would never have found this masterpiece:

Complete with a handful of Toy Story toys.
Matthew played with this thing all day.
Even conning Matt into playing along.
I have never seen this little playset before and I was almost as stoked as Matthew when I saw it (and for only $3!). Noah was not impressed.
We also picked up this Monsters Inc. View Master (why my picture won't rotate, I can't tell you).
And our other steal of the day - the Cars train carrying case.It's the perfect little case for all Matthew's little cars.
Also made for hours of fun.
Noah and Matthew are both tucked away in bed now. It was a fun day at home. Tomorrow, the insanity of Alex's birthday party (Matthew self-proclaimed bestest friend ever) starts at 11:30!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (Giveaway)

Yes, I know it's not even Halloween yet - but I'm already picking out my Christmas cards. You can NEVER be too early in this process! Plus, with 2 boys now, the picture-picking-process takes me a little more time.

I used Shutterfly last year for my Christmas cards and will be returning to them again. I was impressed with the quality of the cards I ordered, the speed of their service, and how easy it was to upload and create my design. Here are a few of my (many many many) front-runners from their 2011 Christmas Cards collection:

This one is playful and if I can narrow myself down to one shot, it's a contender!
I like that this card gives 4 picture options. And this one, it's just plain cute! I love the little trees.
I'm also going to do a few calendars this year too - something for our offices, something for the 'fridge. I like that you can personalize the dates with text and pictures. I think Matthew would get a kick out of seeing himself on a calendar.
I'm also thinking about doing a few photo collages from Shutterfly's photo gifts selection. We're creating a photo wall in our main stairway and we're looking to have a few different framed looks on the wall. I like the idea of a photo collage for a few of the frames.
I certainly have lots of uploading and designing to do - and lots of decisions to make (especially now that I have our pro pics in the mix to choose from!).

And now for the fun stuff - the giveaway! Shutterfly is giving me the opportunity to give something to you. Three lucky readers who leave a comment on this post will get 25 free cards from Shutterfly! So take a look around their site, let me know what cards catch your eye. I'll pick winners next Monday, the 24th (don't forget to leave an email address if you don't have one in your profile!).

Good luck!

Disclaimer: The opinions in this post are 100% mine. In exchange for this post, we will receive free holiday cards from Shutterfly. If you're a blogger and would like a chance at receiving 25 free holiday cards from Shutterfly this year, register here:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Picking

We took a trip up to Muscoot Farm early this morning to pick out our 2011 pumpkins. Matthew has a little cold, but that didn't dampen his spirits for the trip.
Noah, as usual, was just along for the ride.
Matt tried to calmly explain the pumpkin picking process to Matthew.
Matthew wasn't interested! He just wanted to run from pumpkin to pumpkin to pumpkin.
We were able to corral him enough to take some cute pictures.
I tried to recreate our cuteness from last year.
Matthew did a good job picking out 3 pumpkins to take home.
Noah was happy to be out of his carseat for a bit.
I love this photo because I think it's funny - doesn't it look like Matt's doing shadow puppets on my jacket??!!
We loaded up our wagon with our pumpkin and farmer's market goodies.
And we headed home.
When we got home Matthew was beyond excited to decorate our new pumpkins.
He worked with Matt to get the pieces just right.
And now, Woody and Buzz stand guard at our front door.