Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Danger Zone

Ish was being particularly cute last night. Lining up his cars under the kitchen cabinets.
He was having a good time lining them up, taking them away and then lining them up again.
And he discovered that the cars roll differently on the floor mat - that seemed to intrigue him.
Then he realized that not only was I watching him, but I was also taking pictures.
He gathered all his cars up.
And he took off.
So I decided to be sneakier about taking pictures. I laid down on the floor and pretended to just watch him.
He quickly caught on to my trick and decided to punish me.
This is what a Mega Blocks truck looks like right before it smacks into your face.
I tried again when Ish moved on to playing with his Teletubbies.
This is what a Teletubbie looks like right before it gets jammed into your forehead.
Being stubborn myself, I gave it one more try.
And so did Ish. Here he is ramming a dump truck into the camera.
Then daddy came home and Ish acted like he was an angel the whole time and loved the camera.
I'm glad I have photographic evidence of the abuse I take from this kid! He is SOOOOOO lucky I love him.

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Kayla said...

Omg! I am laughing and crying for you. I wish Clayton would continue to play when I took pictures no he just poses or decides that he needs to sit in my lap. The abuse us mommies take