Thursday, February 11, 2010

It started out so nice...

Wednesday morning we woke up to a fresh coating of snow.
Enough snow to close schools and work. My car is in this pic somewhere...
Young Ish was quite impressed with the snowfall.
When he realized we weren't going out, he decided to dig into his toy bins.
Clearly there was nothing exciting to do here.
He did manage to find his buddy Plex. They had a nice conversation about the weather.
I lost my mind at some point and gave Ish crayons. Crayola should make hardwood floor colored crayons. Would make my life a little easier.
We ventured downstairs for a bit so that Ish could re-connect with his friend Mr. Monkey. Insert "monkey on your back" joke here.
Of course it wasn't all fun and games - Ish had some serious work to get done on his Bob the Builder laptop.
He was also very focused in building massive block structures (with a little help from mommy of course).
Late afternoon I decided we should venture outside. Ish had no idea what to do in the snow.
So he kind of just stood around. Doing a whole bunch of nothing.
But he looked really cute standing around in his new snowboots!
After what seemed like an eternity of just standing in the snow, I made the executive decision to bring us back into the warm house. Ish did not get a vote. He clearly would have voted "no"
So, after starting the day so nicely, we ended it like this. Full-on-terrible-twos-tantrum.
And today, I am back at work. Though I will admit, I secretly said a little prayer last night for just one more day in the snow with my little (cranky) buddy!

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Kayla said...

Aww it looks so beautiful and I love his snow boots. OMG! We don't need those down here. We need rubber boots because of all the rain.