Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Cuteness

I actually bribed Ish with the TV remote in the hopes that he would let me get a cute picture of him in his Valentine's Day shirt. Crying ensued immediately after this picture when I took said remote away. Great parenting right here!
He was ok after a few minutes - after I convinced him that his Sesame Street remote was changing the channel on the TV. My Mother of the Year award should be arriving any day now.
Lately Ish prefers his food from a bowl on the floor. Like the dog. I oblige. You won't find that in your parenting books.
We bought Ish a play tent at Target a few weeks ago and decided to set it up today as part of his gift. I thought it was a cute little tent that we could set up and leave out for him. He LOVES it!
The only problem - it is HUGE! It's big enough for 2 large adults. Or 5,000 Ish babies (he's a little guy). I'm hoping Ish doesn't realize this is "missing" when he wakes up tomorrow.

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Kayla said...

How cute!! Happy Cupid Day!