Friday, February 26, 2010

A Snow Story

Our latest snow day didn't exactly start out the way I would of liked it to. Somewhere around 6AM we lost power for about 3 hours. We used Ish's twilight turtle for light.
This was the view from our kitchen deck door.
The view from the sink window gives you a better view of what we were dealing with - somewhere around a foot of the white stuff.
Ish didn't seem to mind that we didn't have power - all he needs in the morning is his sippy of milk and a car.
Thankfully, we have plenty of flashlights in our house.
Can you tell this was Ish's first time with a flashlight?
It was chilly - so we started the fire early and replenished the wood often.
Matt showed Ish the winter wonderland outside of our house.
Ish insisted on being able to touch the snow.
After the power came back on, Ish was less than impressed with the turtle. Here he is telling me I could put it away now.
As the day went on, so did the snow. Ish's playhouse almost took a hit from one of our trees.
Our poor Japanese Maple was damaged from the weight of the snow.
You could barely see the mini Christmas trees on our front path.
With so much snow, we had to give Ish another try walking outside.
This time he took off like a bandit!
He supervised his father's shoveling job.
Then he realized that there was more snow at the bottom of the driveway and took off. I warned him about running in the snow.
He didn't listen to me.
I had to photograph his first face-plant in the snow.
He was not amused.
But he quickly got over it and ran for the snow piles.
In order to trick him into coming inside, Matt made it seem like young Ish was helping him get some snow off our trees (it was of course merely a ploy to be able to pick him up and get him inside the house!). It worked - but there were some tears.
After he realized we were in fact not going back out, he settled in for a sippy and some bread.
Life is good. Even under all this snow!


Katie said...

What a cute little boy you have :)

Kayla said...

I loved reading today and looking at your winter wonderland. Its so beautiful but I am not a cold weather person so I would not like it. I hope you get lots of sunshine soon!