Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday - Shady Business

Last summer we had to take down a lot of dead and dangerous trees that were on our property (And not a moment too soon - the day before the contractor showed up to do the work, a large heavy branch fell onto our roof and landed behind Matt's car!). We have a big beautiful backyard now. The only problem now - too much sun exposure. Our deck gets very hot and the kitchen/family room can get quite warm. Those lovely trees gave us some nice shade (you know, before they tried to kill us).

So my wish today is for the funds to install a SunSetter Shade. You've seen the commercials - pretty people with perfect families enjoying their shady, comfortable deck. I want us to be those people! I need a nice cool place to plop down on a deck chair while I watch Ish run around like a lunatic in the backyard. I think the navy would look nice - seeing as we have navy shutters. The Saddle would look nice too.

And since we're talking about decks - ours stinks. Really, it does. The previous owners did not properly install or care for the poor thing. It needs to be put out of it's misery. It's suffering - and it's making us suffer right along with it. I would love to install a nice new deck using Trex - easy to clean and care for, and it would provide a nice surface for young Ish to play on. This picture from Google not only looks like how our house/deck is situated, it's also got the features I would like - a fence and gate (to keep a certain short person from escaping).
So, people from SunSetter and Trex, on the off chance that you are reading this, I would love to be a spokesperson for your fine products in exchange for granting my wish today!

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