Friday, February 19, 2010

My new love

Now that a certain someone is gainfully employed, I decided to invest in a new camera. Staples was having a wicked sale last weekend so I picked up this little beauty for an awesome price:
I've been playing around with the settings and trying to get the hang of things.
I love the Auto Adjust feature - it really seems to sharpen a lot of the photos.
The lighting throughout the entire house leaves something to be desired, but I think this camera does a better job of adjusting for it than my old camera did.
With Matthew's baby blues it's nice to not have to do a lot work to reduce red-eye, even with the awful lighting in the kitchen.
Ish was being a good boy during my trial runs with the new camera and was actually looking directly at me, letting me get good pictures of his lovely face. Maybe he just wasn't a fan of my old camera!

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..R.. said...

I have this same camera and tried to leave it on auto - but about 50% of my pics were blurry and bad. Are you using the auto setting or programming your own?