Monday, February 22, 2010

New kicks

Ish's fascination with his father's closet continues...he seems to gravitate towards Matt's boat shoes.
He LOVES trying them on.
He has mastered standing still in them.
He's still working on actually walking in them (although he's not too bad!).
I'd like to end today's post with a big THANK YOU to The Nerdy Katie for passing on a great blogger award - The Beautiful Blogger Award:
If you haven't been to The Nerdy Katie blog - head on over now to check it out! As with all Blog Awards, they are meant to be shared, so I would like to share mine with a few bloggers that I make sure to check out daily - you should too!

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Thanks again Nerdy Katie!


Kayla said...

love the new kicks!

Ally said...

awwww my son does this too! I loved when he tried on my sister's UGGs a few weeks ago! So funny.