Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh right, I didn't do a Thanksgiving recap

I'm a little bummed that I didn't get a bunch of pictures this Thanksgiving. But even without photographic evidence, I will certainly remember this one!

Somewhere around 5AM Ish woke up. So Matt went and got him out of his crib and brought him into our bed, in the hopes that maybe we could all snooze just a little while longer. Then Matt turned to me and said "Do you feel cold?" And yes, I did feel cold. So he went to investigate why our normally blazing hot bedroom was stone cold. And he found the answer: we were out of fuel.

We have a plan with our oil company - we pay them a flat monthly fee and they make sure we are always full. It's called the "Automatic" plan. It's actually quite convenient for us - we don't ever have to think about our oil level, when we're getting a fill up, etc. It just happens. But apparently, the last automatic fill didn't happen.

So Matt called the emergency number for the oil company and got voicemail (of course). The house was somewhere in the mid-60s and getting colder. With no heat or hot water the best course of action was to leave the house. So I dressed Ish, packed a light bag for me and Matt and we headed to my mom's house somewhere around 6:30 in the morning. We were headed there for Thanksgiving dinner anyway, but certainly not that early! And in my haste to pack a few shower/clothing essentials, I forgot to pack my camera.

When we got to my mom's house we showered and dressed and just hung out. Matt had to deal with multiple phone calls to the oil company (who at first tried to blame us for this problem before they realized THEY screwed up). After several hours of promising us they would be at our house asap, they finally arrived to give us 10 gallons of emergency fuel somewhere around 6:30PM. About 13 hours after our initial phone call to them.

Needless to say, it was an eventful day. Matt ran to the house at one point to check on things and grabbed my camera on his way back, but I just wasn't in a picture mood. Sad to say, I only took a handful of pics.

Here's Ish enjoying a pre-meal snack of olives. He insisted that I pick them out of the salad that was pre-made for dinner. He ate about half a can of olives on his own!
And here he is using his new Tinkerbell doll as a seat. He insisted on getting this stuffed doll when he took a run to Sears earlier in the morning with Matt and my dad. He uses it as a pillow, a chair, a weapon, you name it.
And that's all I got. Cute, but there were so many other cute moments I wish I captured. I'll be sure to do better on Christmas.


Rachel said...

Thank goodness for those automatic plans...and for emergency numbers.

Great pictures as well!

jmerenberg said...

I was too busy to take any pics too! Good thing Mom is so close! Love the Tink doll LOL...

~Dawn~ said...

Stupid Oil Company. Glad you're all safe and warm now.

HarmSkills said...

ummm this apt dweller is curious, why do you need fuel??? like gas??