Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday is Overrated

Seriously, I remember when it used to be fun. We used to get up "early" (the earliest the stores opened was 6 - not this 10PM-2AM, 3AM stuff). I actually attempted to go to Toys R Us last night for a Buzz Lightyear deal. I drove up to see a packed parking lot and a line extending around the building. It was cold and there was a bit of a freezing rain falling. So no thank you. I drove right on by and went home.

I think the bulk of my shopping will be done online this year. And where you ask - where else but CSN stores! They certainly have everything you can think of for gifts - toys for the kiddies, cookware for the chefs, leather messenger bags for the working moms and dads in your life, etc.

So I think I'll stay in my nice warm house with my cute little kid and shop from home this year.

What are your shopping plans?


Mama Hen said...

Hey Gina, I am going to do my shopping online also. It is great that there is so much free shipping. With a little one it is so much easier. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving my friend! Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Jennifer said...

This is the first year that Toys R Us had the same prices for Black Friday online. So I just ordered. There was no way I was heading out there. Staying home is much better. Hope you had a great Turkey Day!

Cole said...

Agreed. I'll just wait for Cyber Monday and avoid the crowds/craziness, thankyouverymuch.

Kayla said...

Yeah its getting a little nuts but it is a tradition with the girls in the family. We dont do toyrus or best buy though!