Friday, November 19, 2010

My Christmas List

Dear Santa -

I've been good this year. At least I think I have. Most people would agree with me. I think. If you agree, I would like to request the following items stuffed somewhere alongside the 1000 presents Ish will be getting (and let's be honest, he's been good, but not exactly 1000 presents good).

First and foremost, I'm still waiting for an I-Pad. I've hinted to wanting one on this blog before, but apparently Steve Jobs doesn't read my blog, therefore, no free I-Pad from Stevie. I could blog on the I-Pad and also answer emails and keep in touch with dear family and friends - so really it benefits everyone if I have one.

Secondly, Wii Fit please. You make fat and jolly work. I'm more like fat and cranky. I do better as a skinny person. Come summer 2011 I plan on committing myself to be skinny again. I need a fun way to do that. I heard Wii Fit is all about the fun. Plus, Matt and Ish could play along too (not that young Ish needs to lose any weight, but maybe we can tire him out enough to take a nap). So, again, everyone wins if I get this.
Third, remote start. It's getting really cold here. And every morning I watch Matt click on his remote start from the warmth of the guest bathroom and then happily skip off to the kitchen to make his lunch before getting in his toasty car. I have to try to time out running outside in the freezing cold 10-15 minutes before Ish bellows for me to come get him out of his crib. Then, if I don't time it right, I have to try to wrangle a toddler and my work stuff into the car without letting whatever precious little heat that built-up out of the car. No one's happy about that. Me and Ish really need this.
And last, but not least, I'm going to need a large denomination gift card to The Container Store. As Ish grows I have to find new ways to store his clothes and baby toys and TCS really has the best bins for under house storage (think: mice).
So there you have it. I don't think that's too much to ask for, is it? If it is, I'll give you an IOU for being good in 2011.




Maxabella said...

That's quite a list! I'll settle for the iPad, but I just know I'm not gonna get it. May have to put my own stocking out for Santa!! x

Cole said...

Sounds good to me! Mommy wants a Wii Fit, too - and also maybe some motivation and willpower...

We live on the 3rd floor and our building is down the walkway from the parking lot, so no remote starter for us - but those winter mornings are brutal!

Jennifer said...

I think that is a great list. Maybe we could just ask him to bring it all mom's around the globe :) I have the Wii Active Trainer (you do not need the board to play, just the console). And it works great. I do it with the kids and we can all exercise together :)

~Dawn~ said...

I really want a Wii Fit, too!! I suppose I have to get a Wii, tho, first, huh? My girls are getting older and hopfully can benefit from playing some games on there, too. It's a great way to keep us all active in the winter when none of us want to go outside. haha

Have a great weekend Gina! :)

Jill said...

Yup, I want pretty much everything you have on your list too! Plus some more things. A girl can dream, right?

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Don't hate me because my son is getting an iPad from my parents, we already have a Wii (barely use it), and live right near a FABULOUS Container Store. I'm sorta obsessed with the Container Store.