Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

On Saturday Matt and I decided to start our holiday decorating (after seeing Santa on Friday it seemed fitting). Ish was creative director this year. Here he is telling daddy exactly how to construct our tree.
He didn't let daddy forget he was in charge - he never took his eyes off the tree.
His hands seemed to be on the tree a lot too - even though we kept saying "no touching!"
Eventually Ish got bored and decided to lay down on the job.
He felt that the whole project was just taking way too long.
And then there was a light malfunction that delayed the project even more.
So Ish abandoned the tree project and decided to model his reindeer antlers for us.
When that got boring, he insisted on a snack and Toy Story dvd break.
So I finished off the decorating projects on my own. I started with decorating the tree.
I picked out all my favorite ornaments.

Then I put out all our cute little stuffed decorations (there's Ish in the background, eating an apple).
I put up our stockings.
And put "old time Santa" in his rightful spot in front of the fireplace.
Matt hung the lighted garland on the staircase.
And the final touch - the Santa Christmas countdown statue.
Now, on the the outside decorations!!!


Sluiter Nation said...

We don't put our stuff up until the day after Thanksgiving, but I love this post with all your special decorations! Very cute!

HarmSkills said...

great decor! yeah i think we are gong to do it on sunday. time of year I wish I had a mantle for the stockings

Kerry McCullough said...

Well now I feel like I can put my stockings back up- I took them down after our Christmas photo, thinking I had to wait til after Thanksgiving... but I'm following your lead- looks great :)

Jennifer said...

Your home looks so festive. I love the tree and the fact that Ish was in charge. Too funny :) I can't think about it until after Christmas :)

Cole said...

I can't believe you've got your decorations up already - looks great! I don't think we're doing a tree this year... Between me and Henry, Mommy thinks it's just asking for trouble - maybe next year!

Mama Hen said...

These pictures are so cute Gina! It is so exciting to get into the Christmas spirit! Have a good day!

Mama Hen

Lindsay said...

oh wow! this looks great!

NovemberSunflower said...

I think we have the same, exact tree. That's how we put ours together, only we have two kids under it sleeping on the job!
And if my husband had his way, we'd have a Mets ornament up too. I guess I'll have to get him one....RATS.
I found your blog over at Mama's Little Nestwork. SO GLAD I did. I LOVE fellow mom bloggers, but I LOVE fellow New York Mom Bloggers even more!!!!!
I had to comment on this post though. HYSTERICAL.
Must have been a sale in New York at some point on that particular tree. HAHA.

Kayla said...

Love all the decorations. Potato and my nephew made the decorating process very long. I would put an ornament on and they would take them off.