Monday, November 8, 2010

Brush Brush Brush

I'm happy to report that Ish is now totally into brushing his teeth every night (he fought us there for a while). He's so excited that he doesn't even want to wait for us before he starts climbing his little Matthew step stool.
He usually likes one of us to help start him off. We tell him he has to brush until we count to 10. So we start the countdown...
Somewhere around 3 (teeth-brushing counting is very slow!) Ish takes over brushing duties.
And then, his favorite part - the rinse and spit. Although he really doesn't understand the spit part yet, so he just takes a swig of water and washes off his brush.
Another big boy milestone complete!

Oh, in case you noticed, those marks on his face are from his earlier adventures with a pen. Needless to say, bath time that night really focused on face scrubbing.


Sippy Cup Mom said...

Yay Ish! We still struggle with Hayden!

Jennifer said...

It is great that you are getting him in to good habits early :) I am sure he loves being independent!

Jill said...

He's so cute! Way to go Ish.

HarmSkills said...

where did you get that step stool?

we do elmo toothpaste and an elmo toothbrush. for that reason, C does enjoy brushing!

Kayla said...

Potato LOVES to brush his teeth. Every time we go to the bathroom he is yelling TEEF...TEEF!