Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oh the drama....

Ish got a boo-boo yesterday. A cut on his knee. You can see it here in this picture. You can also see that it didn't bother him too much.
But because it was on his knee it would bleed every time he bent his leg. So I had to put a bandage on it. Needless to say, he was not happy about that (he has a weird aversion to all things sticky).
I tried to comfort him and tell him that band-aids were our friend - in fact even Elmo needed band-aids for his boo-boos.
Ish then got double angry that I was torturing both him and his buddy Elmo with sticky weapons of destruction. There was much screaming.
I later found Elmo on the floor, passed out from all the noise and commotion.
Yes, there was that much drama in my house over a band-aid.


Anonymous said...

What if you let him chose the band aids at the store? The fancy ones with cartoon people one. The downside to this is my kids want a princess band aid for every bump. We have an only if blood oozes like jam rule. Otherwise we'd go through the box in 10 minutes.

Kayla said...

Well first of all I am amazed at the first photo. He actually smiled AT the camera?!?!?!

Poor little booboo. Potato hasn't gotten his first boo boo yet.

Sluiter Nation said...

ha ha ha! poor elmo being passed out at the end. Eddie doesn't like bandaids either. we go through that drama here too. Somehow you and Ish made it WAY cuter than what we deal with!

Mrs E said...

Oh poor poor Ish. And Elmo! I can't believe all the injuries!

Last week when C was in the hospital getting his tubes - the nurse put a doctors mask and hat on Elmo and C Freaked out too!

Apparently, Elmo MAY NOT be medically altered in any way shape or form - and the boys wanted us to know!

Mama Hen said...

Seeing Elmo passed out from all the commotion is so funny! My daughter loves picking picking out her bandaids at the store and holding the box in the car. Then when she gets a booboo she likes to pick out the bandaid from the box. We always talk about how Dora is going to make the booboo all better! Have a great night Gina! :)

Mama Hen

Gretchen said...

This is hilarious!!

Asashia said...

Thanks for the laugh, though I'm sure you weren't through the screaming! That was a clever idea to give one to Elmo too. Hopefully Ish and Elmo will heal together and possibly get to visit a working Bob too!

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