Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CSN Stores - Stay Tuned!

I have been offered a great opportunity - to become a CSN Preferred Blogger. This means that, from time to time, I will be able to do reviews and giveaways from the vast selection of products from CSN Stores. You've seen them mentioned on my blog before in my Cars Toy Bin Review.

As I've become more familiar with CSN, the more I like what I see. I love that they offer Little Tikes and Melissa & Doug toys - among other names that I trust and know are great quality. Their toy selection is really quite impressive.

And besides the kiddie items, they also offer wonderful household items as well. Great cookware from Rachel Ray, Kipling accessories, even bathroom sinks.

Yes, bathroom sinks. Thousands of bathroom sinks. I can't believe the variety. Re-doing our master bath is on our "to-do remodel at some point because the previous owner went the cheapie ugly route that is now slowly falling apart" list (you have one of those lists, right?). So, I've bookmarked the CSN bathroom sinks link. And if you have any suggestions for what I should buy, tell me! I'm no Vern Yip.

I kinda like this idea:
Yes? No? Maybe?


Kayla said...

The sink looks so cool! Hey I has a question about doing giveaways. How do you do it...I mean how do you get companies to let you review their products and do giweaways?

julie said...

I love CSN stores! :) They have everything!br

jmerenberg said...

I like the sink! Cool beans about CSN too ;)

Maxabella said...

Yes! I love it. I must say that my number one criteria for bathrooms is that they are easy to clean. That means no little crevices that you have to clean with a pipecleaner and no fussy finishes that demand special cleaners. Keep it smooth, integrated and clean.

Gratz on being selected by CSN. They know their blogs, clearly!!

Cheryl said...

I so want that sink!!! We will be redoing our bathroom someday and this is the sink I want!

D said...

That sink looks cool and different, but you would definitely lose a lot of counter space. Although for me, that might be a good thing since I tend to clutter them up!