Monday, July 19, 2010

CSN Review: Rev 'n Ride

When I had the opportunity to pick another item from CSN to review I had a tough time deciding what exactly to get - another item to organize the playroom, something for the kitchen, something for me, for Matt, for Ish? After a lot of clicking around I landed on something perfect for the boy who has everything - his very own foot-powered car!

Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you Ish and his American Plastic Rev 'n Ride. How stinking cute is the smile in this picture?!
Ish loves cars, so I knew he would get a kick out of being able to steer and move around in this car. Of course of all the pavement at the school yard, he insisted on trying to drive in the grass.
The engine of this car actually comes apart like a puzzle - and it comes with a little plastic wrench and screwdriver to play pretend mechanic. Ish is a little too young to understand that part just yet, but in a few more months I think he'll get a kick out of that feature.
The buttons on the steering wheel have 6 pretty darn realistic car sounds. Ish enjoys being noisy.
This is Ish's "How you doing?" look - a cool little dude in a cool little red car. You can see his little feet in this picture - it sort of reminds me of the Flintstone's car.
Ish wanted to give "Elmos" a ride too - right into the grassy patch of course (doesn't Elmo look like he's screaming "STOP!!")
The car held up to Ish's punishment. Elmo survived too. I'm impressed with how sturdy this little car is.
The trunk even opens (storage for the little tool set as well as some of Ish's smaller toys).
So, final verdict, it's a keeper! At only $36.99, this is a great deal. I see at least 2 summers worth of fun for Ish and I think it's sturdy enough to survive and be passed down to younger kiddos. It holds up to 42 pounds (I think we have a while before Ish hits that!) and is recommended for ages 1.5-3. The only con is that assembly is a little time consuming (the pieces arrive on corrugated plastic and it was a little tough to detach each piece with precision).

Disclaimer: While I was given the product to review by CSN Stores, the opinions in this post are 100% mine (and Ish's!). We were not compensated in any way for our review.


Emily said...

This is so stinking cute! I love the one where he looks like he is going to parallel park! LOL

Sluiter Nation said...

What fun!!! I know Eddie would LOVE a car like that! maybe for Christmas! :)

Kayla said...

Wow that is really too cool!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

That looks so cool! I might have to get that for Hayden!

Anonymous said...

How lucky are you Ish?! You have your own wheels and lookin' mighty cute in them too.

(Keep these pictures so you can tell him when he's 16 that you already got him a car.) Smiles.


The Little Blonde Girl said...

Cuuuuuuuute! Left you an award on my blog! :)

The Wilson's said...

How neat, Ish is so cute!

For some reason, I have the hardest time commenting and following your blog. It's like the images time out trying to load???

Cassiopeia said...

How cute! He sure looks like he's having fun.

Brings back memories of my boys with their little cars.

Boys and their toys. . .

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