Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July Fun

Ish was in good spirits today. After breakfast he was more than happy to model the 4th of July shirt I bought for him.
We headed out to Grandma and Pop Pop's in the afternoon for some good old fashioned American fun.
Ish made a beeline for the water table (I knew he would, so a quick change into his trunks and swim diaper was the first order of the day).
Then he decided to check out the Thomas ball pit.
Then, the whirlwind of activity that he is, he decided to go for a little ride in his Little Tikes Fire Truck.
He took a break from solo play to play ball with Daddy and Pop Pop for a bit.
Then it was back to the water table.
Daddy decided to take a break on the swing - watching Ish be so active is very tiring!
Cousins Alex and Ashley showed up and Ish decided to chill out with them on the glider.
And he made sure to put Auntie Dana to work - it was swing time!
He will do anything/everything his cousins do.
The only thing that could lure him away from his partners in crime was a hot dog and mac and cheese. Can't get anymore American than that!
After lunch it was pool time.
Then it was time to play on the water mat.
We abandoned pants at one point. His shirt was so wet it hung on him like a dress!
So, when the long, wet shirt started to annoy him, we abandoned clothes all together. Swim diapers have cute little pictures on them for a reason - to show off!
And after all that fun in the sun, Ish fell asleep on the 30-second ride home. At 6:30PM. It's tough being so cute all day!


Kayla said...

I am not sure how my Potato is still awake after our day at the pool. Ish is so adorable and I actually broke down and bought swimmer diapers.

HarmSkills said...

wow! grandparenst have the BEST outdoor toys!!!!!!

Mama Hen said...

These pictures are great! What fun! I love the Thomas pool. Little Chick would love that! Have a great day! This heat is unbelievable! Stay cool my blog buddy!

Mama Hen

Allied Moms said...

That was so cute. I love how he abandoned pants! LOL. Great pictures too!

Thank you for following our new blog!

julie said...

Looks like a great day!