Sunday, July 11, 2010

Radio Flying

We finally busted out the Radio Flyer wagon Ish got for Christmas. We chose a nasty humid day with the threat of rain. Timing is everything!
Ish was excited to take on a new adventure.
After I took this picture I yelled at Matt - is he or is he not ALWAYS wearing that orange t-shirt?? It may or may not have a laundry "accident" this week. Don't tell him. ;-)
The excitement of rolling over the bumpy pavement in the school parking lot made Ish's day. I'm glad there are seatbelts on this thing.
After riding for a while, Ish decided he wanted to pull the wagon.
He managed to get himself into the grass patch rather quickly.
But he pushed and pulled and was determined to figure it out for himself.
After a few minutes he finally managed to get himself back on pavement!
Then it rained. So we went to the mall. The end.


Sippy Cup Mom said...

I want a wagon for Hayden so bad! Love the pictures!

Kayla said...

Potato has the same wagon and it is great! We take Monkey and Potato for walks in it and they love being able to chill while they eat their snacks.

Michelle said...

How funny! I was reading your blog when you commented on mine!!!

Cute kid! We have that wagon also. I love hoe there is a post for a juice box!

I'm following you as well!


Sluiter Nation said...

we are so living the same life! Eddie just got a wagon for his bday and we decided to try it out yesterday since the hubs was gone and we were BORED. it could not have been more humid unless it was raining. and eddie LOVED it. he also pushed it around...into the grass. the ONLY difference was that it didn't start raining. I wish it had though!

Heligirl said...

I'm jealous. I want on of those for ME! I busted out laughing at the end. You're too much!

Mama Hen said...

We have the same one and Little Chick loves it! These are great pictures! It was not as humid today! Yippee! Have a great night Gina!

Mama Hen

Shop with Me Mama said...

OH how adorable!!! He is such a cutie!