Monday, August 2, 2010

Oh Shea Can You See?

Matt and I went to the Mets game on Sunday.
Our seats were pretty high up and random raindrops hit us every once in a while (it was either raindrops or something coming off the planes from LaGuardia that seemed to skim our heads!). But since the sun stayed out of sight for most of the game, we were pretty comfortable.
It was Mets Hall of Fame Induction Day.
Ralph Kiner was there (he's the guy sitting closest to you in this picture with the white shoes). I love Ralph Kiner.
Keith Hernandez was there. I love Keith Hernandez.
Even Mookie Wilson was there. I love Mookie Wilson too. Mooooooooooooooooooooooook!
The only one not there was Ish. So being the spoiling enabling parents that we are, we had to buy him something to make up for leaving him alone for all those hours (and by alone I mean in the spoiling arms of grandma and Auntie Dana).

Meet the Metserpillar.
He was cute and made for a comfy headrest on the ride home.
And he earned an honorary spot at Ish's train table.
And yes, the stadium is actually now officially Citi Field - but I'm calling it Shea!


Crystal said...

I am so, so jealous. I'm a huge MEts fan and miss Shea (Citi, whatever) now that I'm in the midwest. Glad you had fun! Have a beer for me next time you're there.

HarmSkills said...

I am positng about our mets game experience on thursday. adn we of course visited the team shop and got c three mets bouncy balls.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Look at Ish's fancy train set - I can see why he's not too thrilled with his new snake toy.

So you attended the Met's Hall of Fame inductions- how great is that. I'm wishing I was you right now.


Mrs E said...

Wooot!! Both my kids have
Mets paraphernalia up the
My orange and white cat is named
Shea. Haha

Kayla said...

Go Mets! Poor Ish didn't get to go. Although he did get a great prize out of it!

RoseBelle said...

Citi Field? Citi bank bought the name privilege to it? The last Giants game I attended with my kids didn't turn out too great. We were overly dressed (thought it'd be cold but it was scorching hot!) and my girls kept needing to use the restroom. We left an hour into the game. That was how bad it was. Next time, the kids will stay home.