Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday - More Organizing

Just a few more things I need to continue on my basement playroom re-do task.

I'd love to get a few of these puzzle organizer racks. Ish has a lot of puzzles and currently they are spread out all over the place with pieces everywhere and anywhere (I try to gather up all the pieces at night when he goes to bed). I'd like to be able to "put them away" at night.

I'd also like some extra shelving for the back wall of the basement - to store the board games/non-everyday toys. This would free up some floor space for playing.
That's all for today - easy peasy, right? No reason why the Wishlist Wednesday Fairy can't grant me these two measly items, right??!!


Mama Hen said...

Oh I wish I could get organized! Just when I get one thing neat looking, then something else is all messy. I like the puzzle stacker. Our puzzles are all different sizes though. Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Jessica Anne said...

Those things look great! I really need that puzzle organizer (and a basement). I grew up in the Midwest, where everyone has a basement. In CA, no one does. I wish we did for a playroom. :)