Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fun and Games

I can't believe mommy and daddy brought me back to the mall play area - I LOVE this place! Plus me and dad get to show off how white our socks are (thanks mom!!).
Hey, this spinny thing looks new - is this new? Nah, can't be new. Can it? Maybe. Oh well, it's fun either way.
No no no dad - I can do this.
Hey mom, look, numbers! I know numbers!
Six, seven, eight...
Hey, why did you want me to stand behind this big cardboard thing mom? What's on the other side of this? Mom?
Oh, hey, that's a cow! A cow says MOOOOOOO!!!
Holy cow (get it)!
Wow, this Stew Leonard's place is much more fun than Shoprite. I would actually behave when food shopping if we came here every week.
Hey, another cow! This one seems a little different - the other cow didn't ask for a high five. Oh well, what do I know from cows?
Boy, I had fun today - but duty calls! This lawn isn't going to mow itself!


Sluiter Nation said...

So cute!!! What an adorable little guy you have there!

Kayla said...

What a cool mall! Poor Ish is always workin!

I'm just the MOM said...

what a cutie! love the face on cow's body!

Melissa said...

aww..very cute

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Super cute pictures! And that mall area looks really nice!

Christine said...

Awe, these pics are so cute!

Looks like a lot of fun was had.