Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wedding Day

Matt's good friend got married today. Matt was a groomsman, so our day started out pretty early. First stop, grandma's house to pick up Matthew (Matthew and Noah spent the night there since Matt and I were out late at the rehearsal dinner last night).
Both the kids were invited, but we decided to only take Matthew since Noah is so young still. Matthew was quite excited to go to another party.
We sat outside the church for a bit and waited for the others to arrive. I let Matthew sit in my lap and we attempted another self portrait. We still stink.
Matthew promised he would be good in church. But I know better than to trust this face.
So we sat way in the back. Near the doors. In case we needed to make an emergency exit.
Matthew seemed to think I wanted all the missalettes. So he handed the entire row of them to me one by one.
He played with his toys for a bit. Then just sort of hung out until mass was over.
Then the fun began. First stop: bubbles.
Matthew doesn't know the difference between blow and spit yet. So he didn't have much success. And he refused all offers of help. So he basically just spit a lot outside of the church.
Then it was off to the reception where the fun continued. Second stop: bouncy house.
Matthew wasn't interested in anything else.
It really didn't matter to him that there was this pesky thing called a wedding reception going on.
All that mattered was that he could slide.
And slide some more.
We eventually dragged him into the tent for some appetizers. See how happy he was to take a break??!!
I like this picture because it almost looks like Matthew's holding a cigar and telling me to get away in a little gangsta sort of way. His eyes are saying "I know people mommy. I can make things happen"
So in the interest of my personal safety, we allowed Matthew to return to the mayhem (after forcing all of 2 pieces of cheese and some apple juice into his mouth).
Then it was one forced spin on the dance floor and we were on our way.
And all of 2 minutes into the ride home, Matthew fell asleep. Because that's how he rolls.


Cole said...

And now Mommy wishes she'd had a bounce house at her wedding! Sounds like Ish knows how to party :)

Kayla said...

I love the "cigar" and that gangsta face is fierce.

Fire Wife said...

You are far braver than I am to brave a toddler at a Wedding Mass!

Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

Jennifer said...

Love the Matthew participated in the bubble/spit blowing outside the I think he did pretty good for having to sit through a wedding at his age :) What a great idea that they had some entertainment for the kiddos at the reception. Seems like fun was had by all!

Nixon said...

Matthew in Motion !!!

Wedding Themes

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

A bounce house?! At a wedding?! Brilliant!!! What an awesome idea. And heis such a cutie!