Sunday, September 18, 2011

Party Central

The party madness began early on Saturday morning. Starting with making cupcakes for the shindig. Matthew wanted to help (I think he just wanted a reason to wear his new super awesome doggie apron).
Matthew's idea of help was squeezing the icing tubes. Fun, but not very productive.
Noah supervised.
Matthew was good at icing the cupcakes. I let him eat his work even though it was 8 o'clock in the morning (because if you can't eat cupcakes on your party day, when can you??!!).
Before the guests arrived I gave Matthew his very own car tattoo. Then I told him to show me his hand. Which I guess, technically, he did.
Once the guests started to arrive, the insanity began. The swingset got quite a workout on Saturday.
There was lots to eat - including the kid-friendly mac&cheese and chicken nuggets.
We had a built-in babysitter for Noah for the day.
We also had a built-in pinata holder. The tallest person at the party is always my brother. Therefore he is always the pinata holder.
And as usual, there was madness when the right string was finally pulled.
Matthew's birthday present got quite a workout too.
We had cupcakes for dessert.
And of course, CAKE!!!
Matthew used to hate the birthday song when he was younger, but now gets that the song = cake. So all is good.
We were happy to see a lot of our family and friends.
And the kids were happy to run around like maniacs for a few hours.
After the guests left Matthew opened up his present from grandma and grandpa.
His very own boom box - with a load of CDs to go with it.
And at the end of the day, we were all exhausted. And we all pretty much did this:
And tomorrow, when we wake up, Matthew will OFFICIALLY be 3.


Jennifer said...

What a fun party...looks like everyone had a blast. Love that Matthew got to eat cupcakes at 8am!! That is great :) Before you know it you will be planning a 1st birthday!!

Kayla said...

wow sounds like so much fun! is noah sucking his thumb?

I am glad Ish had a great party!