Monday, September 19, 2011

A Bronx Birthday

Matt and I both took the day off today to take the boys to the doc (Matthew for his 3 year appointment, Noah for his 5-month). We decided to make the rest of the day a special one for the birthday boy and took Matthew to his first trip to the zoo.
One of the great things about the Bronx Zoo is their Children's Zoo. Matthew kept asking me "What's this?" as I was trying to take his picture at the entrance. That would be his catch phrase for the day.
"I want to be a bird" - yes, my child said that. All because he got to sit in this little nest at the very first exhibit he saw at his very first trip to the zoo.
Matt played tour guide.
And he was also the official "picker-upper" for the day as well.
Matthew had no interest in being a spider. I have taught him well.
He was intrigued with Franklin's shell.
Matt was too.
Matthew was not as amused by this as Matt and I were.
He was amused by King Julian in the Madagascar exhibit.
I can't remember what this exhibit was about - but it's a cute picture, so I couldn't not put in on the blog.
The sea lions weren't very active, but we hung out and waited for them to swim by.
There were neat Lego exhibits throughout the park. Matthew tried to dismantle this one. Thankfully no guards were on duty today.
After lunch we had a little birthday treat - cookies and cream ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. And two spoons.
I forgot Matthew's hat at home and with the sun beating down and Matthew being the sensitive-skinned kid he is, I had to buy him a new one. And if you can believe it, that's the ONLY thing I bought at the zoo today.
Matthew tried to pull off some pieces of this lion too - I don't know when the Lego obsession started!
We took a few rides on the Bug Carousal.
Yes, that's right, The Bug Carousel. Creeped me out, but Matthew enjoyed it.
Then it was a quick stop at the giraffe exhibit (real and fake).
Afterwards, we hit up the Dora & Diego 4D show. We had to hold the glasses on Matthew's tiny head.
Our last exhibit of the day was the monorail through Asia, where we got to see red pandas, tigers and a whole bunch of other species that I can't even remember.
Then we jumped on the shuttle to the parking lot. Matthew made sure we knew where we were going.
Then it was adios Bronx Zoo - see you next time!
Now, Matthew is tucked up in his bed. His first full day as a three-year-old complete. And a good day it was.

Happy birthday my sweet boy! And many more. :-)


Cole said...

I love, love, LOVE the Bronx Zoo - we're members so we go pretty often. The Asia monorail is Mommy's favorite. :)

Ash said...

We love the bronx zoo, We have gone the last two years. this year we unknowingly planned the day on free day. So we got our tickets online. Got all ready to go. and it sucked. it was so packed. people were so rude. someone stole my sons hat. didnt get to enjoy the total experience because it was packed and the lines were so long. will never make that mistake again!

Kayla said...

How perfect! We always try and take the Tater to the zoo as a birthday treat.

Fire Wife said...

That sounds too fun! Definitely looks like they have an awesome children's zoo.

Jennifer said...

Good idea to take a dr.'s appt. day and turn into something fun for everyone!! I haven't been to the Bronx Zoo in a few years, now I need to! My kids would love those Lego's exhibits...that alone would make the trip worth it!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm taking my boys to the San Diego zoo this weekend - it's about 5 times larger than our tiny Tucson zoo. :)