Monday, September 12, 2011

The Grange Fair

One of the last fairs of the season was the past weekend. And it happened to fit into our schedule for Sunday morning.

The Grange Fair is a combo of 4H type exhibits, produce and animal competitions and of course, rides, games and food. We started out by checking out the animals. Matthew insisted that we go immediately to the rides and games, but we convinced him to take a quick spin around the exhibit tents first.
Quite an interesting array of exhibits this year - including pastel chickens. First I've ever seen.
Whenever any of the animals dared make any noise, Matthew was quick to tell them to "Calm down now, just calm down" (I guess I say this to him too often!).
Of course his insistence comes with the appropriate hand gesture. These geese were not impressed.
So we went along, waving to the animals as we went by.
Checked out some pretty neat produce contests.
And even took in a bit of history.
Then it was game time. Matthew is probably the only 3-year-old who knows what Plinko is - and he insisted this be his first game of the day. As it was sponsored by a local dentist, Matthew was unimpressed with his t-shirt and toothbrush prize.
But we soldiered on. Stopping for a quick photo op.
Oh, Noah was there too, of course.
Our first ride of the day was a tractor hayride. Ish's first ever.
Noah's too.
Then we met up with cousin Mare Mare.
The two of them were pros at the pick-a-duck game.
And they had fun together on the carousel.
While Matt and Matthew were on the Dunbo ride, I tried my luck at a water game.
And I let Matthew pick out a prize when I won. He opted for a big Eeyore.
Break time. Dance time.
Mare Mare was not a fan of this ride. Matthew insisted on going on 3x.We stopped for a quick lunch.
Eeyore was in charge of keeping Matthew's hat safe.

Matt has his hands full.
After lunch it was back to the mania of games.
And more rides.
And when we left (even though Matthew didn't want to), we took the long way home after we looked back and saw this in the back seat.


Kayla said...

Your family has got such great luck at winning at the games. I have only won once in all the fairs I have attended lol.

I love all the pictures!

Cole said...

SUCH a fun day - I think I may have mentioned before, but I love Ish's Mets hat. Did everyone have fun on the tractor hayride? Those are my favorite!

Fire Wife said...

Sounds like a fantastic time!

Eschelle said...

watch he'll be the kid that eggs the house after receiving fruit or a toothbrush at Halloween.

Mama Hen said...

That is a really fun day! I love the slides! You got some great pictures! I hope you are doing great my friend! Have a good night!

Mama Hen

Jennifer said...

Wow...what an eventful day and what a way to end the summer :) The pastel chickens are the best...LOL!