Friday, September 16, 2011

Preparations are under way...

T-Minus a little over 24 hours until party time. There is A LOT to do...

Tonight - after lights out - I'll make cupcakes.
Accessories on standby.
Tomorrow morning I'll rip open the packages of the decorations.
And I'll fill the pinata.
The party bags will be transferred from the office (with the awful lighting), to the kitchen.
At 10AM, I'll head over to Party City to get a few huge obnoxious balloons.

Then I'll pick up the food at BJs. I'll return home to help put out the tables, set up the outdoor toys and get the 2 beasts - I mean, the 2 angels, of course - dressed for the day.

Party time is 12 sharp.

We'll be ready!

Oh, and the weather - yeah, I think we'll be okay!


Jennifer said...

The party is going to be awesome, especially since it is supposed to be beautiful weather. Be sure to take lots of pics! Can you believe you have a 3 year old?? LOL!

Kayla said...

I hope Ish has a wonderful birthday. Ugh. Why is my baby turning 3 in November?!? I am protesting!

Love the theme. I think we will either do cars or dinosaurs!

Cole said...

Have fun - can't wait to see pics!