Thursday, September 22, 2011

Farm Hands

Part of the birthday fun we had with the boys last weekend included a trip to one of our favorite local spots - Muscoot Farm.
It was our first taste of fall activities. The farmer's market didn't disappoint.
We checked out the goats.
And stopped by the horse barn to see how many hands we've grown this past year.
Matthew was game to go into the dairy barn this trip.
But he wasn't interested in walking by Bessie. We waved to her and promptly turned around.
We took a little break in the shade.
Matthew enjoyed a little snack.
Then it was time for a quick walk through the old barn before piling into the car and heading home.
Next month we'll return for our pumpkin. And many trips in between I'm sure. :-)


Cole said...

Mommy has been dying to get to Muscoot Farm - we've never been! Maybe one of these weekends...

Jennifer said...

Love that your family is all about the farms...we are too!! LOL!

Kayla said...

You guys go on the coolest trips!