Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Busy Weekend

Matt just got home from 4 days away. While I was alone with the boys I took a bunch of photos of our adventures together with both my camera and phone. I have some downloading to do. But I'm tired. And the main air conditioner in the house went kaput yesterday, so I'm also hot. So, until we get our act together, here are a few pics from last week.

Matt assembled Ish's birthday gift. We wanted it up for his party on the 17th. Of course we couldn't exactly hide it until then!

And now, we return you to regularly scheduled programming.



Cole said...

That airplane is AMAZING. I think if we had a backyard, I'd never stop playing on it!

Kayla said...

what a way cool birthday present. hope you get your a/c fixed soon!

Jennifer said...

That is an awesome present! I am sure it will keep him entertained for hours :)

Mama Hen said...

That is so fun! What a great gift! I hope you are doing well! Have a good week!

Mama Hen

Night Owl Mama said...

WOW that looks incredible my kids would love that

jmerenberg said...

Those chunky baby legs on the book are too cute!