Friday, February 24, 2012

Sicky Sickersons

We can't seem to kick these nasty germs in our house. Doesn't help that we've had a mild winter - no freezing temps to kill the nastiness. So we've been battling boogies, runny noses, fevers and a general malaise for a few weeks now.

Matthew has bursts of his usual hyperness, but more often than not you'll find him like this at home:
He's been low-key for us. Playing/reading on the iPad, asking us to read a ton of books, sitting in our laps.
Noah seems to be on the upswing of things. For the past few days he's been a little better. He's been the active one in the house lately. Touching every single toy in the house.
And generally being his normal disastrous self.
I was planning to take Matthew to the Target Seuss Reading Day tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get there. The lure of Seuss goodie bags is strong!


Jennifer said...

Seems as though we are all experience the same things. My kiddos will just seem to get better and then it is back again!! Hoping everyone is better soon :-)

LeeAnn said...

My kids have pretty good immune systems these days, so we haven't had too much of the sickies, but we have had enough of it to keep us annoyed lately. I hope those cute little boys of yours kick it for good real soon!

Have a good weekend!

~Dawn~ said...

Alexa and my husband are sooo sick with colds. I've never seen Adam so stuffed up before. Alexa ran a fever on and off last weekend. I'm trying not to think about it, but I know my turn is coming...EEk!

Hope your little guys feel better soon!

Mrs E said...

sorry you have a house of sickies too... NO FUN!