Monday, February 6, 2012

And a good weekend it was!

Matthew and Noah got a pet - the world's largest red Angry Bird!
We introduced Matthew to the wonderful world of Wii.
I made some good luck cupcakes for my parent's Super Bowl party.
And our NY Giants won the big game!
Doesn't get better than that.


momto8 said...

ha!! congrats on your team least we won the pick!

~Dawn~ said...

LOL - Congrats on the win!! I didn't have a preference either way - but, rooted for the Giants just because my husband was hoping for a Patriots victory.

My girls would be SO jealous of that gigantic angry bird. Noah looks like he wants a turn holding it. :)

Jennifer said...

Go Giants!! I am so happy they was a great game. We saw that Angry Bird too...but you are a better mom than I because I would not buy!

Julie S. said...

Yay Giants! :) Those cupcakes look amazing!