Friday, February 10, 2012

Party Planning

I thought planning Noah's 1st birthday would be easy. "Noah's Ark is a well-known theme for parties" I thought to myself. Myself was wrong. Noah's Ark is a VERY POPULAR baby shower theme apparently (especially among those expecting twins). I get it, 2 animals, 2 babies - the math works. But what about all those little kids named Noah? Can't they have a Noah's Ark party too??

Apparently not.

I am having the hardest time finding decorations, invites, etc. Everything says "Baby Shower" or "Welcome Baby". So I'm doing my best to hodge-podge the whole thing. Taking partial sets of items that have a Noah's Ark theme that don't say anything about baby/babies and mixing them all together. I'm going to tell people I did the whole "non matching" thing on purpose.

A few items I've snagged so far (you can see them all on my Noah Pinterest board):

The invite. Not Noah's Ark, but there are two animals, close enough.
The smash cake topper. Found it on eBay. A little on the baby side, but cute nonetheless.
Cupcake toppers. Another eBay find. I found cake plates and napkins to match, so it's a score!

The matching plates/napkins:
Oriental Trading had a few cute things for the goody bags: Noah's Ark stampersand Noah's Ark stickers.
I don't know what to do about decorations. The cute banners and hanging spinners I've seen have the words "baby" on it in some form or another. And I need more for the goody bags. So if you see anything out there that's cute and Noah-ish, let me know!

On a positive note - I have found a TON of stuff I want to get for Matthew's Super Hero 4th birthday party!


Cole said...

Try Etsy! Tons of cute stuff & most of it can be customized :)

Kayla said...

so exciting!