Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Monday...

We had another nice weekend here in NY. We were supposed to get a "storm" on Saturday with a few inches of snow, but it petered out and only stuck to the grass. It was cold, but it was bearable. We did a lot of important stuff over the weekend:

We did a lot of sticker work.
We played - in the kitchen of course. Doesn't Noah look sinister here? As if he's plotting something in his little baby brain.
We conquered the bad guys and threw them all into Gotham City jail.
We took naps. And woke up happy.
We switched Noah to the convertible car seat - which makes him a happier car baby.
We wrestled.
And we got haircuts. Note to self: stop asking Matthew to say "Cheese" when taking pictures.


Cole said...

Mommy can commiserate - although my "cheese" face is WAY worse; I shut my eyes and do a squinty weird smile...

Jennifer said...

It seems like the weekend was good and you got accomplished!! I love Noah's face while he is plotting something major...LOL!