Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The long weekend

Not much to report. We're still trying to kick these stubborn germs that have been making the rounds in our house. So, although we had fun, we were pretty low-key for a holiday weekend.

We ventured out to the mall on Saturday. Matthew scored a pretty neat Spider Man balloon.
And an Alvin Build-A-Bear.
Noah can't be trusted with balloons just yet, and he's a tad young for the whole B-A-B experience. But he's officially 10 months now - so his time is getting closer.
I love my Noah Bear, but sometimes I wonder what is going on in his head. When I saw this picture, with Matthew in the background, I couldn't help think that Noah was planning some revenge on his brother for the whole Matthew-gets-everything-and-I-get-nothing scenario from the mall the day before. He's a sneaky one this Noah Bear.
Matthew was spared from any evil plots. For now.
For the most part, there was quiet play this weekend.
Some light reading.
And I finished my photo wall.
We ended the long weekend being saved by Batman Captain America.
Now, it's Tuesday. With a Monday feel. But that means that Friday will get here all the quicker. :-)


Cole said...

Your photo wall looks fantastic!

~Dawn~ said...

Noah is as cute as ever and I can see the plots of revenge forming in his head. Watch out Matthew!! hehe

LOVE your photo wall!

Masshole Mommy said...

OOooooh, I didn't know they had Alvin at Build A Bear now. I may need to bring my boys.

Kayla said...

so cute! we are finally getting over some major yuckies. i am constantly scraping boogers off the couch

Shoe Fanatic said...

Did you end up making the name thingies for the boys? Or did you order them? I hope you made them so you can show me how because my child NEEDS one.