Monday, November 28, 2011


We made the long trip to DC for Thanksgiving this year. In typical Ish fashion, he fell asleep in the last half hour of our 5 hour trip.
Traveling makes Ish tired. He slept quite soundly at night on his Ning Ning couch bed.
Mornings were lazy. Reading Phineas & Ferb magazines.
Watching Chicken Little.
When Ish got restless (lack of toys will do that to a 3 year old), we went for a walk in search of open spaces.
The weather was cooperating for a leisurely stroll.
We stopped at a school field down the street from the house and let Ish run free for a bit.
Then we enlisted the help of Siri to find a REAL park (you know, swings and monkey bars and things like that). I know Matt's face looks all wonky in this pic, but I love the look on Noah's face as he's watching his brother run like a maniac.
Siri did her job. We found an awesome playground just a short car ride away.
Matthew spent most of his time in this spinning seat. That boy loves being dizzy. He mastered the weird little contraptions that only a 3-year-old could.
Meanwhile, Noah and I tried to master the reverse camera angle on my phone.
Then we ended the day with some rock climbing.
Noah's a pro.
And now, we return to regularly scheduled programming.


Jennifer said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Seems like you had a relaxing Turkey Day, enjoying time with the family. I love the shop of your shadows! And too funny how you and Noah are still trying to master the self portrait :)

Kayla said...

um noah has the most beautiful lips!

Kerry McCullough said...
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Kerry McCullough said...

Hey, you were right in my neck of the woods! Glad you had a relaxing holiday... and that he slept for a whole 30 min of the car ride, what a treat ;)