Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Role Reversal

Ok Noah Bear, listen carefully and I'll show you how to play with your baby toys.
This is the toy. It comes with lots of balls.
Mom, please make him give me ALL the balls please.
Ok, great. Now we can continue the lesson.
Watch closely as I put the balls on the slide.
Hey, this is kinda fun. I forgot how much I like this toy.
Hey mom - can you tell Matthew I want to play too.
Hey Matthew - mom said let me play too.
Nope, asking nicely didn't work.
Okay, I'll settle for being picked up and maybe a snack.
♫♫Lalalalalalalalala, I love playing with baby toys.♫♫


Fire Wife said...

OMGoodness, FireGirl had that toy. We had to sneak it out of her room when she was spending the night with my parents and hide it in the garage, or I swear she'd still be playing with it.

BTW - I LOVE your posts with pics of the boys interacting. Brothers! Love it.

Jennifer said...

That conversation is exactly was Noah was saying in his head!! LOL! I am sure Matthew only wanted to help :)

Masshole Mommy said...

Haha, that's funny, but you know what? It doesn't stop. My 7 year old is constantly playing with the 4 year old's stuff. Of course it's the other way around, too, but that's just because my little guy wants to be like his big brother.

Mama Hen said...

So cute! Great pictures!

Mama Hen

Kayla said...

ha! ish still has all his sweet boy baby fats. i wish tater man did!