Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Phone Pic Download

Starbucks is using their holiday cups. That makes me happy.
Matthew is a bed hog.
A few transformers blew up outside of my office and started a small fire (very small, put out very quickly).
Matthew is getting this for Christmas. He asked Santa for "Batman toys"
Could my children look any more bored with their life? It's tough being pushed around the mall. Matt, my dad and Matthew went to Applebee's today for the free Veteran's Day lunch.
And with that - we start the weekend! Happy Friday!!!


Kayla said...

Love it! Tater was looking at a toy catalog today. Think I am in trouble?

Jennifer said...

Starbucks cups make me happy Gotta love the boys expressions as they get carted around in the stroller. It is tough being a kid :)