Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Phone Pic Download

My friend Joanne and I hosted a Shutterfly Holiday House Party last Saturday afternoon - I made cupcakes.
Matthew was pretty darn excited at the idea of cupcakes.
Matt sent me this on Saturday night. I was out to dinner with a friend and he put the boys to bed for the night.
I used my Huggies Rewards points to get Matthew this neat Spiderman Thermos sippy cup. It came yesterday - it's a nice size to put in Matthew's stocking.
Noah is sitting up on his own (no more falling over!), he's able to get himself propped up in about .2 seconds from when I plop him on the floor.
Happy Weekend!!


Jennifer said...

Gotta love how our phones can tell so many! What was the Shutterfly Holiday party about?? And love Noah's face, he is so proud to be sitting for .2 seconds!

Kayla said...

i love looking at the pictures on my phone. so many RANDOM stories!