Friday, June 25, 2010

The Fireman's Fair

Every year the local firehouse hosts a little fair in the middle of town. Nothing fancy, some games, a few rides and some good eats, with all proceeds helping keep the firemen employed. Last year Ish was too young to really have any fun there. Apparently he still is - as is evident in this picture:
It all started out well and good. We strolled in just after the 6PM opening.
Matt and I were looking forward to having some Zeppoles at some point.
We decided to let Ish have a shot at the fishing game he's played before. He seemed to enjoy trying to catch those little fishies.
When he snagged one he tried to celebrate by jumping into the pool of water.
When he was told no, he immediately melted down.
And he continued his meltdown at the little prize bucket. I picked out a cute leopard for him.
We thought he would calm down and help Dada at the balloon dart game. No such luck.
He lessened the level of his meltdown when we put him back in his stroller and gave him the little leopard he won for himself and the frog that Matt won for him.
So, with a calmer Ish on our hands, we decided to try a ride. A little kiddie train. Ish seemed ok at first - there were buttons on the train that held his attention for about 2 seconds.
Then the train started to move and this happened. The operator stopped the ride and we got off. He was nice enough to offer us a free ride if Ish ever calmed down.
So, with games and rides a disaster, we opted to try our luck with the food.
The food he was on board with! Chicken Fingers and fries makes everything better.
And dessert, well dessert is just the cure to whatever ails you!
Yes, that Mister Softie has healing powers.
So, with a happy (and full) Ish we decided to take one more spin around the tiny fair to see if he would want to try his luck at another game or ride.
When we got near the train, Matt asked him if he wanted to try to ride the train again. Ish thought about it for a second, but his final answer was no.
There was one ride Ish LOVED though - the ride home!
And just because I'm rarely in any pictures, here's me and Ish when we got home. Mr. Froggy and Mr. Leopard and Ish are all in the crib sleeping now.
So, lesson learned. No more fairs this year! We'll try our luck at the 4H fair later in the summer, but that has animals, so different story.

And yes, we did get our Zeppoles. To go. Word to the wise - don't get Zeppoles to go. There's a reason you're supposed to eat them at the fairground. Powdered Sugar. Everywhere.


Victoria said...

poor Ish lol. I have to laugh because Jake would have the exact same reactions in every single situation! It's nice to know my toddler has fellow tantrum buddies out there ;)

Kayla said...

Poor Ish! It's sad to say but he even looks adorable when he cries. I hope the 4-H fair is better.

Susan Tipton said...

What's an outing without tears at some point?

We were at a touch-a-truck fair 2 weeks ago. Kids were being allowed to honk the firetruck horn. Toddlers everywhere were crying at each honk!

Over from the Tea Party because your blog name caught me eye- nice to find you:)

Anonymous said...

Stopping by with the LBS tea party!! Now following! Adorable post and I loved the photos - they almost didn't need any words to tell the story. :0)

Homemaker Honey said...

Hi! I'm here from The Lady Bloggers Tea Party Social! Pleased to meet you. I've got a HELLO, HANDSOME blog party happening at my blog right now. I'd be tickled pink if you stopped by and joined in the fun.

Homemaker Honey

TIGHTWAD said...

What's a zeppole??? Inquiring minds... And Ish was a real trooper, bet he just fell into bed with a fast snore! Dropping by from LBS!

HarmSkills said...

my son has that romper... and why do these things start so late???

Lindsay said...

dessert is our cure-all too! Sprinkles make meltdowns melt away quickly!

D said...

Ah poor little guy. I would have thought that a train ride would have fixed everything! Hope the next fair goes more smoothly!

Loukia said...

He's such a cutie-pie!