Tuesday, June 1, 2010

10 - make that 20 - Free Pampers Points

10 Free Points:

This code expires on 6/6 - so don't delay in entering it!

Edited to add: here's another 10 points just released!


Natalie said...

Gina - I love this!! I have a few thousand points now (thanks to having three kids under three all in diapers) so I'm always looking for these codes - thanks!

Also, I see you are one away from 100..Woo hoo!! Off to twitter and get you that final one right now...

Blommi said...

I wish they still had the Kettler trikes like when I started doing this. DD just turned three, and is making a lot of potty progress, so hopefully I am almost done with diapers.

HarmSkills said...


Tonya said...


Oh, and happy to be your 100 or 101 follower. :) Very cute blog.

Beth said...

blog follower from welcome Wednesday! You can follow me at




Happy Wednesday!!

litanyofbritt said...

YAY! thanks! where did you hear of these codes?

litanyofbritt said...

GTGPLAY1USA2010 (added 3/20/10 worth 30 pts)
GTGPLAY3USA2010 (added 3/20/10 worth 30 pts)... See More
GTGSPRINGFREE10 (added 4/20/10 worth 10 pts, exp 12/31)

i just did these too!