Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Fun

We had a busy but fun weekend. Saturday was Maryann's 2nd birthday party. Matthew got to play with a whole lot of girlie toys at his best pal's house. And these reindeer antlers.
He also got a cool cowboy hat (that went along with the Toy Story theme).
Sunday we went to visit my good friend Julie in Brooklyn. We took a walk to the botanical gardens - on the way, Matthew told her his whole life story.
The first order of business at the gardens was lunch. Because Noah's tummy waits for no one.
Noah also made sure to give Julie his life story too. His was a bit shorter than Matthew's.
And while Julie and Noah chatted, Matthew relaxed.

Then he took us on a tour of the gardens.
He pointed out important plants.
And posed for cheesy pictures.
Noah was bored out of his mind the entire time.
And that about sums it up. :-)


Kayla said...

so cute! tater man loves telling us just how rough his life is lol

Jennifer said... were almost to my neck of the Funny part, I have never been to the Botanical Love that Matthew, as well as every other kid, thinks they have it so At least Noah got some rest!

Fire Wife said...

Awww! Looks like a good weekend!